D’Arcy offers training in a niche area of voice that is particularly suited to voice actors facing the unique challenges of working in video games or other portrayals of combat.
— Miles Meili - Actor

D’Arcy teaches extended vocal techniques in a way that is safe, structured, and accessible.  What surprised me most about the workshop was how much D’Arcy’s techniques apply to my singing as well.
— Tanya Roberts – Opera Singer

D’Arcy Smith brings a wealth of experience and training to get students from the theoretical to the practical, with training that’s immediately applicable for the professional voice artist, and actor. He’s an excellent teacher.
— John Nelles – Actor and Dialect Coach

D’Arcy’s teaching was thorough and in-depth, and I was amazed at how much he was able to pack into the workshop.
— Ruth Madoc-Jones – Actor

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“Dracula” runs for nine weeks with nearly 70 performances divided between two vocal artists. Discover what it takes to successfully train and protect your voice during extreme vocal challenges.