What is Vocal Combat Technique?

Vocal combat technique is a system created to prepare actors for vocally aggressive performances.

Voice training has traditionally worked towards a sound that is aesthetically pleasing, open, supported, and clear. Vocal Combat Technique training prepares the performer for what occurs when they need to scream, shout, or make an aggressive sound. Something that actors encounter in almost every production or job!

Voice work for video games is arguably the most vocally demanding job for the performer. Actors are required to yell commands, screaming for 6 seconds, grunting or making choking sounds. They are asked to make these sounds repeatedly and the potential for injury is great. The vocal combat technique team has worked with both industry professionals and voice therapists to create a system to help the performer achieve these extreme sounds safely.

Using both voice therapy based practices and techniques tested in performance we not only prepare you to take on vocally challenging performances safely, but help you to recover and be ready for the next day. We are actively researching new methods to create the greatest impact on your audience and have you come back for more.

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Vocal Combat Technique Outcomes and Benefits

  • Learn how to strengthen and optimize your voice as well as recover from vocally stressful situations.
  • Learn how to shout, growl, cough, choke, scream, and add aggression to your voice in the healthiest way possible.
  • Learn specific and tangible techniques to repeat extreme sounds.
  • Learn tips in how to better “sell” your fight scenes or increase the impact of vocally violence scenes.
  • Learn what sounds to make to meet the demands of the industry.

Protect Your Voice and Career

The Washington Post recently wrote an article highlighting the demands placed on actors and their precarious state.

Courtenay Taylor, mentioned she suffered a hemorrhage in her vocal cords last year while voicing a game…”

Other actors said they've tasted blood in their throats during prolonged sessions. One actor fainted during an audition after screaming too long.

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We have created a system to train and help performers create these sounds in the healthiest way possible for the stage and for stage combat situations.
— D'Arcy Smith